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The stuffed animal collection of extinct species

Every day 150 animal and plant species die out.

The project killekilli reveals both animals that are already lost for a longer time, like the Stellersche sea cow, who was exterminated by huntsmen within 27 years (till 1768) because of their adipose and coat and animals who disappeared in the last century like the golden toad, who is said to be the first victim of the global warming.
In addition there are two animals like the snake antigua racer, who used to live on the island Antigua in a numerous quantity and are now threatened with extinction, because of rats that were draged-in by immigrants.


I am the golden toad

I was a little middle american batrachian of the real toad family. I had typical caracteristics of this species,like ear glands, horizontal pupils and verrucous skinn. Today I am extinct. The last discovery was 1989.

And now I am back.

Size: 25 cm
Material: organic cotton


I am the Rocky Mountain Locust.

I was the biggest Locust that was spread over the Middle West oft the USA at the End of the 19th century. Our swarms very bigger then every other Locust swarm ever seen. Today I am extinct.The last sighting of a Rocky Mountain Locust was in 1902.

And now I am back again.

Size: 39 cm
Material: organic cotton



I am the Tobias Caddisfly.

 was brown colored and I had four frail, fine haired airfoils and was mainly nocturnal. I layed my eggs in packages in the water. Here my larvae emerge after one till three weeks. I am extinct and was in the area of the Oberrhein in Germany untill 1938.
And now I am back again.
Size: 25 cm
Material: organic cotton


I am the European River Pearl Oyster.

I used to be spread over the clean streams of Germany and I was famous as the "treasure oyster" of Europe. Today there are remainders of us in a few streams.

Soon I am gone. Now I am here.

Size: 35 cm
Material: organic cotton


I am the Antigue Racer. 

I am a member of the natter family (Colubridas), which has settled on the north coat of the island Antigua. Our biggest enemys are rats who were dragged-in by immigrants and threatened us with extinction. I am the most rear snake in the whole worls. There are 100 animals of us left.
Soon I am gone. Now I am here

Size: 25 cm
Material: organic cotton 


I am the Stellers Seacow.

In comparison to the "normal" sea cows I was a real giant. I grew to a size of 9 meters. I was hunted after it was explored, that my adipose was good for the treatment of Skorbut. 1741 I was found and 1768 the last animal was already killed.

And now I am back again.

Size: 45 cm
Material: organic cotton


I am the St.Helena Giant Earwig.

Actually I looked like a usual Earwig, apart from my size (15 cm). Anyhow I was a small vulnerable insect and today I don´t exist anymore. The last living insect was found 1980.
But now I am back again.

Size: 41 cm
Material: organic cotton


The fight agains extinction ant the fight for awareness

Killekilli animals aren´t just for kids. Also for adults. Very few people are aware how many species disappear from our planet every day. During the upcoming years this number will increase many times more, if the attitude towards environment doesn´t chance drastically killekilli wants to create a new awareness and wants to prepare already the youngest ones therefor. With a playfull and educationall manner killekilli pocures that we can´t close our eyes towards this important issue.

The stuffes animals are made of eco-friendly Ökotex-100 material in a small german traditional factory.

peta.gif   A particularity that´s close to killekillis heart is the support of charity organisations who take care of animals. We are glad to donate an amount of 1 Euro per selled stuffed animal to the Organisation PETA (People for the ethical treatment of animals).


 Golden Toad
 European River Pearl Oyster
 Tobias Caddisfly
 Steller´s Seacow
 Antigua Racer
 Rocky Mountain Locust
 St.Helena Giant Earwig


49 Euro (incl.VAT)

packaging & shipping:
3,90 Euro Germany
8,60 Euro Europe
Worldwide on request 


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That´s me.

Simoné Gier, Communicationdesigner, mother and best friend of the killekillis. Heart and soul of a small company, that has the goal to go in for something and not sit there and just look the things passing.

killekilli wants to move, support and foster. That´s why we manufacture our animals in a small german traditional company, where a lot of steps are still done by hand and we exclusively use eco-cerfified materials. Additionally we support the organization PETA (People for the ethical Treatment of Animals) with constant donations.

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